Operation Walk Manitoba

Operation Walk is a not-for-profit, volunteer medical service organization whose purpose is to provide surgical treatments to patients who live in developing countries that have little or no access to debilitating bone & joint disease care.

Our Missions

"Gracias, Gracias, Gracias" is heard over and again when people take that first step to a new life. Read more about our missions.

Hope is in the Air

Our 2023 Fundraising Gala will be held on October 19, 2023 at the spectacular Royal Aviation Museum for an evening of inspiration. From YWG to MGA!

About Us

We are a group of volunteers from Canada consisting of nurses, surgeons, physicians, physical therapists and other healthcare professionals and translators.

Board & Committees

Operation Walk Manitoba is a registered charity in Winnipeg,Manitoba, Canada. We are governed by a volunteer board of directors who serve tirelessly and support the work of our larger team of volunteers.


Join Operation Walk Flight #2023 | YWG to MGA

Fundraising Gala

October 19, 2023
Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada

The need to provide joint replacement surgery to patients suffering from debilitating joint disease never diminishes. The stress that the current pandemic is placing on health care systems around the world is felt even harder in countries with limited resources like Nicaragua. We are hopeful that you will continue to support our organization and its service to these grateful patients.

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Make A Difference Today!

Every donation makes a difference. Your gift enables Operation Walk’s team of healthcare professionals to return people with disabling joint disease to a more normal lifestyle. Patients are often confined to a wheelchair, crutches or dependent on someone else just to walk a short distance. The gift of a new hip or knee joint from the Operation Walk team can make a significant difference. Your donation will continue to help us achieve our mission.
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